The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard

edited by Ron Padgett and with an introduction by Paul Auster.

The Nancy Book

a collection of Joe’s Nancy art works and writings, with an introduction by Ann Lauterbach and a note by Ron Padgett.

From Siglio Press.

Ten Imaginary Still Lifes by Joe Brainard

(Boke Press)

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I Remember by Joe Brainard (Granary Books)

Granary Books, 307 7th Ave., #1401, New York, NY 10001.


Joe Brainard: A Retrospective by Constance M. Lewallen

(University of California, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, and Granary Books, New York).


Also in Print:

Pressed Wafer 2, a special Joe Brainard issue, available from Pressed Wafer,
9 Columbus Square, Boston, Mass. 02116.

The James White Review, Vol., 18, No. 1, a special Joe Brainard issue, available from The James White Review, PO Box 73910, Washington, DC 20056,
tel. (202) 682-0952.

Bare Bones, a memoir of Joe Brainard by Kenward Elmslie, Bamberger Books, available from Small Press Distribution: tel. (510) 524-1668,

Pay Dirt, Joe's collaborations with Kenward Elmslie, Bamberger Books, available from Small Press Distribution: tel. (510) 524-1668, email:

The Champ, a long poem by Kenward Elmslie with many drawings by Joe, The
Figures, available from Small Press Distribution, tel. (510) 524-1668,

Reading at the Poetry Project, a portfolio of flyers designed by Joe for
poetry readings at the St. Mark's Poetry Project, available from Small Press
, tel. (510) 524-1668, email:

Joe Brainard's books (in chronological order):

I Remember (Angel Hair, 1970)
Selected Writings (Kulchur, 1971)
Bolinas Journal (Big Sky, 1971)
Some Drawings of Some Notes to Myself (Siamese Banana, 1971)
The Cigarette Book (Siamese Banana, 1972)
The Banana Book (Siamese Banana, 1972)
I Remember More (Angel Hair, 1972)
The Friendly Way (Siamese Banana, 1972)
More I Remember More (Angel Hair, 1973)
I Remember Christmas (Museum of Modern Art, 1973)
New Work (Black Sparrow, 1973)
I Remember (first collected edition, Full Court Press, 1975)
12 Postcards (Z Press, 1975)
29 Mini-Essays (Z Press, 1978)
24 Pictures & Some Words (BLT, 1980)
Nothing to Write Home About (Little Caesar, 1981)
I Remember (new edition, Penguin, 1995)
Ten Imaginary Still Lifes (Boke Press, 1995)
I Remember (new edition, Granary Books, 2001)
Collected Writings (Library of America, 2012)

Joe Brainard's collaborative books include:

The Baby Book (Boke Press, 1965), with Kenward Elmslie
Bean Spasms (Kulchur, 1967) with Ted Berrigan and Ron Padgett
The 1967 Game Calendar (Boke Press, 1967), with Kenward Elmslie
100,000 Fleeing Hilda (Boke Press, 1967), with Ron Padgett
The Drunken Boat (privately printed, nd), with Ted Berrigan
The Champ (Black Sparrow, 1968), with Kenward Elmslie
Album (Kulchur, 1969), with Kenward Elmslie
Recent Visitors (Best & Co./Boke Press, 1971), with Bill Berkson
Sufferin' Succotash/Kiss My Ass (Adventures in Poetry, 1971), with Ron Padgett/Michael Brownstein
Self-Portrait (Siamese Banana, 1972) with Anne Waldman
Shiny Ride (Boke Press, 1972) with Kenward Elmslie
The Class of '47 (Bouwerie Editions, 1973), with Robert Creeley
I Love You, de Kooning (Bolinas, Calif.: Yanagi Broadside late 1970s), with Bill Berkson
gAy BCs (Finial Press, 1976), with Jonathan Williams.
1984 Comics (Marz Verlag, 1983), collaborations with Bill Berkson, Ted Berrigan, Michael Brownstein, Kenward Elmslie, Larry Fagin, Barbara Guest, Kenneth Koch, Harry Mathews, Frank O'Hara, Ron Padgett, Peter Schjeldahl, James Schuyler, and Tony Towle
Sung Sex (Kulchur, 1989), with Kenward Elmslie
Pay Dirt (Bamberger Books, 1992), with Kenward Elmslie, available from
Small Press Distribution
: tel. (510) 524-1668, email:

(Some of the out-of-print books listed above are available for purchase on the web, at and